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Frozen Plums

Each year we pick and fast freeze Victoria plums for use during the winter and until the next crop is available.( or until they run out.) These are still excellent for use in making jam, chutney or in desserts etc.

Apple Juice

We have three varieties of Apple juice, Cox, Discovery and Greensleeves. The juice is pressed from our own apples very soon after picking. Each juice has a unique taste, Cox is probably the sweetest and Greensleeves the least sweet with[…..]

Plum Icecream

Absolutely delicious Plum icecream made by a local supplier.

Plum Jam

Each week during the season we pick sufficient plums to make jam using these plums. The jam is thus on sale the following week and as fresh as you are likely to find if not made yourself. As we often[…..]

Plum Orchard Honey

Plum blossom honey is made by the bees which pollinate our fruit trees.

Sweet plum vinegar

Tasty sweet vinegar for adding to all sorts of food dishes, made from our Gina’s delight plums.

Roast Victoria Plum and Liquorice Chutney

New this year! This chutney which is very unorthodox in method is from the fantastic Danish chef  Camilla Plum!