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WJ64 Garry’s Gold

Approximate ripening date: 17th Aug

WJ63 Gina’s Delight

This a very large deep blue plum, probably the largest in our orchards. It is named after Nina’s daughter Gina who loves it.!

WJ62 Emma’s Ruby

Approximate ripening date: 6th Aug


This is a Swedish plum of unknown parentage. First grown by us in 1990. It is a medium sized Blue plum, self fertile and with a free stone. It is ripe about 31st of July.


This is an English plum and our favourite with customers. The parentage is unknown but we believe was first grown near Alderton in Sussex around 1840. It is a large Oval plum, Reddish/Orange in colour and with a free stone.[…..]

Sanctus Hubertus

This is a Belgium plum, the parents are Mater Dolorosa Early Rivers, first grown by Mr N.V.Frugovex in 1966. It is a Dark Red plum, self sterile with a free stone. Primarily a Dessert plum. It is ripe around 28th[…..]


We believe this is a Canadian plum, the parentage is unknown but was found by Mr A. Reeves at Chillwack, British Columbia in 1940. It is a self sterile reddish/purple, quite large with a free stone. This is a dual[…..]


This is a Swedish plum, the parents are Oulins and Early Favorite. First grown near Almarp in 1925. It is a reddish purple plum, medium in size and part fertile. A very nice plum, similar in colour and taste to[…..]

Mirabelle ( Golden Sphere)

A nice size plum with yellow skin, sweet, dessert. An ancient variety, thought to have originated in Turkey or the Near East and brought back to Western Europe by returning Crusaders.

Marjorie Seedlings

A delicious eating plum with blue-black skin and juicy yellow flesh, ready mid-September. This plum keeps well in the fridge: storage for up to 4 weeks is possible.