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Kirkes Blue

This is a large round Blue – Black plum. Parent is unknown. Introduced by Kirke of Brompton about 1831. It is self sterile and has a free stone. A very good Dessert plum but liable to split in the wet.A[…..]

Jubileum or Jubilee

This is a very nice plum, similar in taste to the much better known Vicotria but larger and ripe slightly earlier. First grown in Sweden, the Jubileum has excellent flavour and is ideal to eat fresh or to make jam.


This is a Swedish plum, parents are Czar / Ruth Gerstetter. First grown in Balsgard, Sweden about 1972. It is a medium sized Blue Violet plum, stone free and ideal for eating fresh or as a dessert plum. It is[…..]


This is a large English plum, parents are Count Althan open pollinated. First grown at Long Ashton as WJ4 in 1970. It is a self sterile plum, large and yellow-reddish. It has a free stone and is an ideal Dessert[…..]


This is a Norwegian plum, parents are Czar Peche. First raised Mr Statens at Njos around 1950. This is a large Blue Black round / oval plum. It has a free stone and is ideal for Desserts. It is ripe[…..]

Early Laxton

This is an English plum, parents are Catalonia Early Rivers. First grown by Laxton Brothers near Bedford in 1907. It is self sterile, medium sized and Yellow / Red in colour. This is a Dual purpose plum ( culinary and[…..]

Denniston Superb

The parents are Greengage and open polinated, first grown in New York State about 1790. It is self fertile yellowish in colour and with a clinging stone. An ideal dessert gage rather than a plum. An interesting gage, well worth[…..]


A famous and popular cooking plum: blue-black colour and a fine flavoured deep gold flesh.        

Cox’s Emperor

This is an English plum, open pollinated. First grown in Long Ashton in 1970 and known as WJ 60. Ripe about 5th August.

Coes Golden Drop

This is an English raised plum, parents are Greengage and White Magnum Bonum. First grown by Jervais Coe near Bury St Edmunds in the late 1700’s. This is a large Golden oval plum, self sterile with a cling stone. It[…..]